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Welcome to Moustache March!Moustache March 2021 is here! This page is oft neglected these days, but there's plenty of great memories to be had. If you want to see what Tank is up to now visit Notnerd: Tech Better or PDX Fast Foodie - An appreciation for Fast Food.

Moustache March is the most wonderful month of the year, celebrated by thousands and thousands of men (and a few special women) around the world who have a true respect for the most elegant of all facial hair types, the moustache. Real men wear the moustache year round but we felt that taking one month a year would be our contribution.

It doesn't matter if you spell it moustache or mustache, we just want you to make March what it is supposed to be, a month long enjoyment of upper lip hair. One of our goals is to bring all the factions of Moustache March together in one place online to continue to grow together for our common goal.

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