Name: Jedmo Stache Johnson

Location: Salem, OR

Aliases: Oliver Sangora, aka Selleck's son



  • I spent 17 years melting faces with my ax, forged in the fires of hell, under the tutelage of Diamond David Lee Roth. I left LA in 1989 to pursue Grundge rock and went strait back to the master in 1992. There is only one way to rock.


  • Moustache March 2006 The Album
    My Moustache
    Sweet stache of mine
    and more...
    "If you need a monster ballad, I'm your man."

Other info:

  • I heart Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  • I eat guitar strings with pesto for lunch and dinner.
  • I spent the summer of 87' in a guitar-shaped spaceship, circling the Milky way.