You made it, congrats, now enjoy!
Site updates:

03.31.06 - Today is a sad day, the time has almost come to shave the upper lip. But don't worry, the site is here to stay...and there is TONS of pics, music and videos still to come. So stay true, and stay on the site!

Thanks to all who made it an amazing month!

03.16.06 - I can't believe the month is half way over! There is so much more to come, don't worry. Couple updates:

  • New album song, thanks Morgan's Door for Moustache Zombies.
  • New Outings pic galleries are up!
  • The tshirts are going quick so get yours before your size is gone. Look forward to some pics from real Soldiers overseas in their shirts!

03.07.06 - A Special Treat! I have acquired a Top Secret Trailer for "Stache Fu". A MM Army production.(Quicktime)

03.05.06 - The Album is here! 12 tracks are up for download with more to come!

03.03.06 - We made the news! The portland pillow fight was huge and Tank, Weasel and Spyder all made the news!

03.02.06 - The shirts are in! First come first serve, check them out and start representin'

03.01.06 - It has begun! It feels so good to finally be here. Make sure to be active in the forums (especially for events).

02.19.06 - The forum is now open! Register and start posting immediately.

02.15.06 - Join the Moustache March army on MySpace. Enlist

02.15.06 - Join the mailing list for all updates! Enlist

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Yes that is fidel Castro at the right and no we don't support his political view but he is military and has a sweet beard.