Name: Logan "The Anvil" Cook

Location: Portland

Aliases: Wolverine, Bizzerker, The Tourch.



  • ALBANY Elementry school.
  • North ALBANY Middle school.
  • West ALBANY Highschool.
  • ...need I say More??


  • Pinned 3 Pro Wrestlers with his Moustache at once!
  • Ran the kessel run in under 12 parsecs.
  • Eaten over 100 Shake Boxes at Hasty Freeze.
  • Discovered America.
  • Came up with the idea of the Internet.
  • Rode a Luck Dragon named "Falcore"
  • Once steped on 9 snakes with one foot.
  • Time Traveled and wrestled a cave man and won!
  • Directed the first 6 Police Acadamy Movies
  • Burt Reynolds is in the "Logan Cook Fan Club."

Other info:

  • Married to Kristy Cook who once had a staring contest with a Crow and won!