Name: Morgans Door

Location: Portland Or., the Magical Forest

Aliases: Chub Norris, The Tall, Kick Ass Josh, and The Chopper



  • Rocking so hard our beards hurt,
  • took a two week course in squirl training
  • thousands of hours spent watching reruns of "Cops" (the best place to find moustaches since the eairly 80's)
  • We each have a bachelors degree in Kung-Fu widdeling
  • Have watched Anchor Man well over 50,000 times.


  • Have sported many beards from the
    "fu-man-shu" to the "Burt Reynolds"
  • have played shows in different area codes, while sporting the stach
  • Are working on a song for the Moustache March Album
  • Also regular particepents in Moustache May-hem.

Other info:

  • In addition to loving Moustaches, we hate Zombies. We fight them. Its Just what we do, alright? Don't look at me like that.