Name: Mike Peterson

Location: Wilsonville, OR

Aliases: Yetep, Spyder



  • Attended 4 different Tom Selleck’s Magnum, PI Moustache growing seminars
  • Attended the "Groucho Marx Academy of Moustache Growing"
  • Was born in Ellensburg, WA
  • Have watched over 30 Westerns


  • Took a crap that had a moustache
  • Worn a moustache in 8 different states
  • Dated a girl with a moustache (yes it was a girl not a man, I checked, twice)
  • Grew a moustache that started Operation Iraqi Freedom

Other info:

  • One time in college while playing in a basketball game fans for the other team started calling me Teen Wolf
  • I am held in high esteme for my Kung-Fu kicks "Deamon Slayer", "Thor's Hammer", and "Roundtime Funhouse"