Name: Sgt. Dustin Dirty Stache Cook

Location: Wilsonville..North Side suckka!! (Locals only)

Aliases: Full Throttle, Weasel, Thunder Lips.



  • 12 years of shaving my upper lip with conventional Razor.
  • I used to own 3 men and a baby on VHS.
  • Spent 18 years in Albany, OR.


  • Born into the Cook Family.
  • Landed a super Hot Wife who finds the Mustache irresistable!
  • With some good friends led a Mustache Army for 4 years now.
  • Completed a Mustache inspired album.

Other info:

  • I love suede.
    I hate Stuffed Animals.
    I love seude Stuffed animals.
    I Hate the taste of Brut Cologne.
    I find the Smell of Brut Cologne Drinkable.
    I Hate Broccoli.
    Yet...I Hate Broccoli.
    I love the TV show Alf.
    I hate TV commercials with ALF in it.
    I love Baywatch.
    I love Baywatch Nights!