Moustache News


Rumor has it some of the 'staches are falling, but the core is going strong. The shirts are up on the site and some tasty tracks will be available for download soon as well. Don't forget to send in all your great pictures and we'll get them up on the site for you!


Several of us met up for breakfast in our best Denny's gear and then headed out to the basketball court to show off our skills.


We had our first event tonight and went to the Bobcats vs. Blazers (NBA). Adam Morrison was there sporting his sweet 'stache, so we decided that it was our duty to show up, support him, and give the public what it wants...moustaches and guys in tiny shorts.


Well, here we are - entering Year 5 of Moustache March! Get your shave on tonight and submit your moustache pictures to

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