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Our goal is to entertain you, educate you and involve you in the funnest month of the year. Take some time, look around and get involved!


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Don't forget, women love a man in uniform a moustache!


  • -The month is almost to an end but make the most of it, check out the groups and media pages to see all of the things going on.
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  • -The new shirts are up, we have both girls and guys shirts this year! Check them out in the store.
  • -Did any one else see Zach Galifianakis join Moustache March on Saturday Night Live? Check out a behind the scenes videohere.

About Moustache March

Moustache March is a month long celebration of the most glorious facial hair known to man. The moustache isn't as commonly accepted as it once was but we feel that at least one month per year should be devoted to it.


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