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Facial Hair February


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Here are the true warriors, those not afraid to represent for the month of March. Some are moustache endowed, some have decent growth and some have barely shown signs of puberty. We will have profiles and picture updates as soon as available.

Dave "Bushy Lip" Baehler
Roderich "German 'Stache" Bott
Jared "Barely There" Butler
Chris "Super 'Stache" Celeste
Jay "Overnight Sensation" Celeste Entered into the Hall of Shame
Dustin "Dirty 'Stache" Cook
Nate "Has Some Hair" Heath
Tim "The Toolman 'Stache" Jorgens
Aaron "Angry Hair" Kelsay Entered into the Hall of Shame
Ryan "Caveman" Kunkleman
Mitch "Lucky 'Stache" Lea
Rodney "Rough Lip" Lucas
Tom "The Trimmed" Penberthy
Mike "Moustache Master" Peterson
Eric "CEO 'Stache" Prentice
Stu "Super 'Stache" Sarasquse
Adam "See Through 'Stache" Sturm
James "Rat 'Stache" Sturm
Travis "Upper Lip" Ubel
Ben "What Moustache" Wall
Todd "Stylish 'Stache" Williams Entered into the Hall of Shame