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Some Keys to a great Moustache

1. Mental Preparation

Growing a mustache entails a lot of responsibility. You can’t just walk around willy-nilly like it doesn’t mean anything. The mustache must become you, and you must become the mustache. Embracing everything about the lifestyle and representing everything that wearing a mustache embodies must be your utmost concern.

2. Physical Preperation

Take a look in the mirror. Do you look good enough to wear a mustache? If you don’t think so, or if you think that this is a joke – stop reading and get back to work. If you look at Ron Burgandy and think, "That guy’s got it together!" then you’re ready.

3. Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your mustache is essential. We suggest a small mustache comb, used twice daily in a comb-like fashion? Anyone serious about the mustache will realize combing is mandatory. A daily shampooing will give your mustache a luxurious sheen and a beautiful glow.

4. Networking

Your new mantra should be "The mustache is where it’s at." It’s time to start a revolution. Look around you. It may seem like you’re surrounded by virgin-lipped, closed-minded bald-facies. Don’t lose hope; others like you exist, but they’re afraid to show themselves – just like you. Seek them out; working together you will have confidence. Get out there, network: mustache unions are forming all over the country, from Reynoldsburg to Dublin! The more you show yourself, the more others will do the same. You know it’s right, you know it’s natural. Be wild, be free.

5. Accessories

No matter what you say, the mullet is the perfect compliment to your mustache. A Trucker's Cap also compliments the mustache quite nicely. The Mustache Era is upon us. So stop shaving your lip. Grow a mustache and stop making fun of others for sporting one.

Caring for your Moustache:

o Use a beard-trimmer or ear/nose hair trimmer to get a shear cut around the lip
o A beard-trimmer is also useful when your ‘stache is getting too burly, we recommend a setting of 3-5 on the trimmer for optimum thickness
o If you are going for the “Will Smith” look, or the look of pretty much every black male in entertainer (note: not recommended for Caucasians) use a single-blade Bic razor from the nose down until the desired lip-hugger is reached, the single blade allows for more precise trimming

Shaving Around Your ‘Stache:
o There are countless different razors available on the market, we recommend a Mach 3 or similar product for a close shave that leaves your ‘stache looking more defined
o There are an equal number of shaving creams available, pick a cream that fits best with the manliness of your skin
o If money is a problem this month a simple motel provided soap will suffice, the conditioner sometimes left in hotel rooms is great for sensitive skin, and is typically just as good as an expensive store-bought cream

o Conditioning the moustache with a hair conditioner leaves it feeling soft and shiny (women love this when your getting down in the bedroom or in the back seat of your T-Bird). I also suggest shampooing your moustache a couple times a week to get out any dinner leftovers or cigarette/cigar –smoke stains
o If you are looking to keep your ‘stache wiry, simply let it grow and do not soap it at all

o Moustache waxes are available and can be found at the ebarbershop or your local drugstore. We recommend staying away from such products and going for that natural look, but for such occasions as Karaoke night at your local pub or at any other event that you want to look sharp for a little wax won’t hurt (hair wax will also suffice and is cheaper)