A lot of people get confused on the rules of Moustache March. While different competitions and groups have different rules, we figured we would share our simple rules:

  1. Grow a Moustache!

    A lot of us get our start in the fall with Optional Shave October, No Shave November, Don't Shave December, Just Grow it January and Facial Hair February. Most go with a full beard for warmth in the winter and then shave down for March. What use is Moustache March if you have to wait for it to grow?

  2. Is it Moustache March or Mustache March?

    While both are correct spellings we kept the O in since that is what the World Beard and Moustache Championships use. There is a site MustacheMarch.com that has their rules but no one has seen them since 2004...

  3. Make Memories of Moustache March!

    This is our favorite part. Get your Moustache out there, whether it's taking pictures, making videos, having an event or simply letting people do a double take in public.

  4. Use Your Moustache for Good!

    While we feel that representing the 'stache is a worthy cause, we also feel that it is a good idea to use it to help others. We have a fundraising page that has information on what we are doing. You can also check our Groups/Event page for other ways to make a difference.

  5. Spread the Word!

    Get others involved with Moustache March, spread the word by any means necessary, threaten people, get some gear at the Moustache Store and enjoy!